Orlando is a great vacation destination if you are looking for fun and to broaden your knowledge or if you just appreciate fine art.

Asides from offering top-notch architectural attractions, there are also amazing museums that you can visit. These museums are great for their scope, style, and art pieces. While in Orlando, make sure to visit these Museums and add more variety to your vacation!

  • The Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center has been in existence for over 60 years. It is regarded as one of the top museums in Orlando for its massive and impressive educational exhibits.

It also offers a modern flight lab that makes use of VR technology for teens and adults. This technology puts visitors in a cockpit of a plane to entertain and perhaps train them.

For the kids, there’s the newly constructed kid’s town designed to enhance their cognitive development.

  • Cornell Fine Arts Museum

This museum is regarded as the only museum that showcases European art. So, if you are a lover of European arts, then your vacation can’t be complete without a visit here.

The notable highlights of this museum include its rotating exhibits and a large collection of artifacts. The fun part about being here is that you’re entertained as well as enlengthened.

  • Skeletons Museums of Osteology

Have you wondered what a live colony of flesh-eating beetles looks like? At this museum, you can get to see this for yourself alongside over 500 other skeletons.

This is best museum to visit if you fancy paleontology or if you’re someone who just loves the entertaining sight of scavenger hunts from different ages.

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