Vista Cay Resort is one of the most amazing attractions and resorts in Orlando. Located at Harbor Square on a beautiful Lake Cay, this resort is the most exclusive you can find in the city. Adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center, this is one place you just have to visit anytime you are in Orlando.

  • What Makes Vista Cay Resorts Outstanding?

Rated as of the most luxurious vacation destinations, Vista Cay Resort is outstanding for several reasons. For one, its amazing state of art amenities is exactly what’s needed to make you comfortable throughout your stay. Vista Cay Resort provides everything you could possibly need to make your stay a fun one.

This resort also gives you direct and easy access to major places and attractions in the city. No doubt, it is not only one of the newest condo resorts in Orlando, but also one of the best. Being just 2 miles away from the International drive, a mile away from SeaWorld, and 3 miles away from Universal Studios, don’t be surprised if you’re left unsure of where to even go because of the number of options before you!

  • The Perfect Experience for the Perfect Vacation

There are two types of Condos at the resort and they’re both excellent. These condos are considered to be 4 times larger than a standard hotel room and are the best option for families on a vacation who require space, comfort, and privacy.

Asides from the space, the resort also comes with multiple master bedrooms for every unit. Each room is furnished with flat-screen TVs, computers, and high-speed internet too. They also provide a complete kitchen with everything you need to prepare a nice meal.

  • Amenities at Vista Cay

Vista Cay is designed to match the excellence of most 5-star hotels. It has a great movie theater, beauty spa, well-treated pool, e-library, fitness service, and a host of other top-notch amenities.

There is only so much that can be said about Vista Cay Resort. You can’t truly appreciate it unless you see the resort with your eyes and experience all it has to offer yourself. To find out more about this resort, and contact us, click here.

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