Image: RitaE

Orlando has some amazing events coming this March for you to sample the best tastes in the world!


Seven Seas Food Festival transforms Orlando’s Sea World into the greatest food truck rally you’ll ever see, giving you an opportunity to sample seafood traditions from around the world in one convenient location, all while enjoying everything else that Sea World has to offer!

Every Saturday from now until its final day on May 3rd, the Seven Seas Food Festival brings a variety of vendors to Sea World, peddling the finest street foods from around the world in an explosion of taste! From falafel to tacos, takoyaki to moko loko, daal to good old fashioned American hot dogs, you’ll want to have a taste of everything on offer! Even better, each Saturday also features live music from a variety of hit bands, playing the best of Country, Rock, and Latin music!

But that’s not all! Not only do you get great food and music, but get this – you’re also IN SEA WORLD. There’s a huge assortment of fun exhibits, touch pools, performance exhibits and more!


The word “whiskey” comes from the Gaelic phrase “uisce beatha,” which means “the water of life. Transliterated into “whiskey” in Ireland and “whiskey” in Scotland, it is perhaps the finest liquor known to man. No two whiskeys are exactly alike – every single one contains the land where its grains were harvested and the air of the country where it was aged into amber perfection.

Whether you’re a long-time whiskey connoisseur or someone who thinks scotch is okay if you dilute your bourbon with cola, you’ll find something to appreciate at the Orlando Whiskey festival March 14!

Orlando has plenty to offer to the culinary traveler. Book your stay with Orlando Resorts Rental at Vista Cay Resorts and our helpful staff will be sure to share their recommendations!