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You want to give your kids a great childhood – experiences that they will carry with them throughout their entire lives and help them turn into happy, healthy adults. If you want to plan a great family vacation, bring them to Orlando Florida. Not only are there countless great theme parks, but these upcoming events will give them one-of-a-kind experience they’ll remember forever!


One of Broadway’s biggest surprise hits of the last decade is coming to Orlando’s Walt Disney Theater June 11-16! The winner of a Tony award, Come From Away is an uplifting story that shows the triumph of the human spirit and good old-fashioned hospitality. Based on the real life story of the plane that landed in Gander, Newfoundland after the events of 9/11 and the community that welcomed them in, Come From Away is a heartwarming tale with an uplifting message of inclusivity that reflects the traditional culture of Newfoundland, where singing, dancing and fiddling are alive and well! You’ll be stomping your feet and singing along in no time! This is a “kitchen party” in dramatic form. Bring the kids and show them what’s really important in life!


Weird Al Yankovic is, or should be, a part of growing up. For decades now he has transformed the songs of popular culture into something hilarious and approachable, ushering generations of children into the world of music. He’s a consummate performer, and this year he’s on the “Strings Attached” tour where he performs with a symphony orchestra! Lampooning the grandiosity of when bands like Metallica recruit a symphony, this is Weird Al like you’ve never seen him. It’s sure to be absolutely hilarious. Bring your whole family and introduce them to great music and even greater comedy!

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