Image taken by Paul Bence

Last December, the renowned International Drive welcomed the debut of Nomadic’s first-ever virtual reality location. Well known as a family-friendly strip of retail stores, restaurants, and world-class attractions, the Drive’s recent addition brings the latest technologies to a long-standing tourist stop.

In this new location-based VR attraction, customers are suited with VR goggles, a backpack processor, and equipped with a plastic gun and bullets. The VR space is decorated with tangible real-life objects to correlate with the projected virtual graphics. Nomadic’s debut game is called “Arizona Sunshine: Contagion Z,” a zombie apocalypse game made exclusively for VR, where gamers can freely explore the post-apocalyptic world or battle for survival. Not only do players experience gameplay through VR goggles, but they can also feel and interact with the elements, such as wind blowing through a window of a virtual train.

Nomadic plans to include additional courses and is set to release a spin-off called “Arizona Sunshine: Rampage,” a grittier and more gruesome version of the original. The newest additions to the first installment are “virtual goods,” allowing players to upgrade their in-game equipment at a fee.

In the spinoff, players are newly equipped with virtual flashlights when they pick up in the same zombie-ridden facility they fled in the previous installment. “Rampage” encourages replay through a new “score chaser” feature, encouraging players to compete for the most zombie kills.

While the original game offers a 15-minute playtime at $25 per play, the new spinoff can be beta-tested at $20 per play only. Try out the most cutting-edge technology in gaming and visit Nomadic VR in Pointe Orlando!

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